Prayer for My Swallowing Debts

Please God .I have gotten us into financial disator. I juggle every pay day and now have three pay day loans which my husband doesnt know or he would leave me . He doesnt work but is on disability which helps of course ,but court costs which i borrowed and a bad break up and kids ect. I borrowed money from people and want to pay them back but cant even keep uo with the bill. My faith is strong and gets me threw each day.please i pray help me with this mess.I dont want to ask for a certain amount known what I need to fix my situation. I dont want to be rich or wealthy i just want to be able to focous on life and actually help others but it is so hard to do that now.I do what i can.I pray each day and have done novenas for financial help.Im getting very weary lord so please I pray for you help.

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