prayer for my studies and a Godly man

Since I’ve been little I’ve known what God wants me 2 do with my life and that was to study law, but its not going as planned at all with my studies! I failed my 1st year and this year isn’t looking much better! Please pray that things start going beter! I really need this to work! And I do know that this is what I’m supposed to do! Everything always came easy to me before but now its real hard and not working out at all! Then last year I prayed and prayed and God answered my prayers by sending me a Godly man who is amazing and treats me wonderfully! I love him so much but this year his parents made him leave university and go home now its so hard to keep things alive! I mean we work out most of the time but I’m so scared that disstance comes between us! Please please pray for me! It might seem that this is all trivial but its my life and I need God and prayer! Thank you!

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