Prayer for my strength, my son’s enlightenment and my husband’s awareness

by Solo (Mass)

Dear Jesus and the Virgin Mary,

I humbly ask for your help in the hearts of my family. I thank you for our physical health but the emotional toll on our lives is getting harder to withstand.

I pray for my 17 year old son’s enlightenment that drugs and alcohol and the people who supply them are not his friends. I pray that he becomes aware of his own power and abilities to change his life and that the problems he has now are from his own making. I pray that he stops blaming and takes responsibility for his actions.

I pray for my husband’s awareness in how his actions and words impact others. I pray that he stops seeing only his pain but sees other’s. I pray that he learns what forgiveness means. I pray that he learns how his judgments damage.

I pray for my strength and that I can be Your agent of change on this earth. Guide me in Your will and give me the strength to do what is right.