prayer for my stolen child

by Grace (Corpus Christi, Texas, Nueces County)

Dear Father God, I come before you today to pray for my daughter which has been taken found me over 2 years ago by her father and which has been brainwashed and turned against me by evil , I pray that she please can figure out some way to reach out to me,

I miss her dearly, I need her in my life and she needs me, please help her block out any evil negativity and lies that her father and other family members give her, let her know the truth about our separation and about all the lies they have given her. let her know that I have reached out for her but he has denied me.

and I pray this day that I can learn to forgive my ex and that he learns to forgive me as well. I pray for my daughter to forgive me for all the lies they have given her, to bring peace to us all and bring her back into my life again… AMEN

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