Prayer For my Step Father

by Megan (Tacoma, Washington USA)

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please lay your healing hands upon my step father. We just found out that he needs a new heart and Kidney, but he does not have insurance. He is going on a very long waiting list, by the state. We are not sure if he will live long enough to make it through the list. He has brought so much joy and healing into our family, and he is such a wonderful father. Please give him the strength that he gave to others. Show him love and mercy. Please help us, oh lord. Grant us more time to be with him on this world.

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  1. Healing

    Father God,
    I know you hear all prayers, including this one. Magnify this woman’s heart for healing. She is a blessing to her family and to the world. May her step father find healing and know the depth of her love. My adoptive father suffers kidney failure also. I am inspired by your prayer….and ask God to answer your prayers! God bless you and keep you and your family whole.
    Thank you,

  2. Megan's Step-Father

    Heavenly Father, please hear the prayer of Megan and, if it is in accordance to Your Holy Will, heal her step-father. Amen.

    O, St. Raphael the Archangel, you are known as “Gods’ Healer.” You healed the father of Tobiah from his blindness. Full of confidence and hope, please heal the step-father of Megan from his ailments. Amen.

    Blessed Mother, hear Megans’ prayer and take pity on her step-father. Please heal him from his illnesses and ailments. Amen.

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