Prayer for My Spouse’s Anger

by Nicole (WV)

My husband agreed to buy a house next to my Mother and Father, he has never really gotten along with them in the past. We knew it would be hard and fought about moving. I told him over and over I would not do this if it would tear us apart, but he said he could make it work. Well I have seen NO effort to make it work it is a cussing screaming fight every day about them. It hurts me because (we are not arguing but) he is saying horrible things about my family and it hurts me to hear it. They have always helped us and loved us so much but he literally hates them. He keeps praying for them to suffer and get their payback and terrible things like that. But it seems no one is suffering but him. I wish he had some kind of anger control he is so irate all the time. I told him I would move for him again (he blames me for moving here even though he said it would be fine). But we have a 5 year old in school and I know from experience it is hard to change schools and pull him away from his grandparents. I want my husband and everybody to be happy again, but it seems there is no compromise to make us all happy. He wants to go. My son and I want to stay. What to do??? 🙁

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