Prayer for My Special Friend

by Stephen (Uk)

You touched my heart when I first seen you but i was not looking before.Please forgive me

I only had a little time to take care you.I wish I could have done more.

I remember you every day and I will never never forget you.I hope so much that you are ok and that you have some respite from your loneliness,I hope you will see your mama again and and more than anything I wish you Gods help and Buddahs help.I will return some day to look for you I promise.I will cuddle you again like you asked me to do when I left you that day.

I pray for you EVERYDAY and I hope you are content.
My heart is forever blessed with our short time together,
I miss you you so much my child and I long to see you again,my heart is with yours and please not feel alone.


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