Prayer for my soulmate

by Teresa (New Mexico)

Heavenly father I come to you to hear my prayer. I pray you wrap your

Loving forgiving arms around my gentle loving man, who has done no harm to no one, but yet is persecuted by others, he has suffered so long these convictions that has been set before him. We were high school sweet hearts and lost paths for 23 years and found each other again, the connection we had was instant and we both knew deep down inside we were meant to be together, my soul mate. He is now in jail for things he NEVER did! Convicted all because of jealousy, and now faces years in jail. Dear Lord I can’t see my life without him, to lose him again. Dear Lord you’re all we HAVE to grant him the justice he deserve, please help me with this prayer THAT he is set free from jail and all his conviction set before him! We found each other not to lose each other again. I pray you help give him justice, peace, love, and happiness, and that we will be able to live our lives united.

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