Prayer for My Son’s Protection During Surgery

by Wilfred (India)

My 3 year son Nethan is having a critical operation on 26th May and for next 3 months he has to take complete rest. Please pray that operation goes well and give him the strength for the operation as well as after the operation.

Please pray to heal him very fast after the operation. Please also pray for his kidneys that further damages don’t happen and it is protected throughout his life.Please pray that this operation is successful and no further operation should be done on my son Nethan.

Please pray that God put his hands around him and pour his precious blood on him and protect him during the whole operation and after that also for the next three month and his whole life.Please pray during the operation whatever problem he has let the god touch the doctor hand and mind and rectify with this operation itself.

Please pray that God guide with his hands the doctors and nurses operating him and give them the strength to do a successful operations

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