Prayer for My Son’s Protection and Deliverance

by Rhonda (New Orleans,La)

Lord lead my son Marques Sr in a plain path and let him go in the direction you chose for him ; whatever the outcome of this legal situation let him know that you are able guide,lead and protect him to make the right decisions and positive changes for his family’s sake. Lord Jesus, I humbly come to you in prayer for my grandchildren and their parents because my son’s actions are going to have a serious impact on their lives and future. Please Pray for my son Marques Thomas Sr. . He has been caught in web of lies, deception and treachery which has him now facing some serious time in prison. He has a job and is working but likes to hang with the thugs. There was a gun and drugs involved in this situation which may involve him doing 10 years in prison. I have argued with him constantly about these characters ; his association has caused his family a lot of grief and pain. I ask that you pray that God’s will be done and if he must be incarcerated let this be a learning experience for him ; that he is washed in the blood of the Lamb and no harm comes to him nor anyone else he encounters .Lord ,I know that your able and let him take this experience as an awaking because only you can lead ,guide and protect him no matter what the outcome. I have watched him with these people for over 10 years and he hasn’t gotten the message so Father , if this is what hwe must go through to change his way of living , thinking and acting Blessed Be the Name of the Father, Son and Holy spirit. Amen.

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