Prayer for My Son’s Learning Disability

by MH (North Carolina)

I ask for prayer in giving my son the gift and ability to read, to do math and word problems, spelling and every area in academics. I bind the spirit of add, auditory processing disorder or dyslexia. I bind the spirit of not being able to remember, not being able to sound out words.

I bind the spirit of depression and low self esteem. Lord let your angels encamp around my son Jaden Humphrey. Father God order his footsteps. Invoke unto him a kind, clean and compassionate heart and spirit. Father God give him wisdom and knowledge. Never let him suffer from a lack of understanding. Father God always guide and direct him to stay on the right path.

Never allow the enemy to get anywhere near him. Always furnish him with kind, generous and wise friends. Give him peace. Never allow him to be harmed.

Father God allow him to get into a prestigious College or University and the gifts to excel. I ask in your might name. Give him great Teachers in and out of the classroom. Allow them to see his good works and deeds. Always invoke into him a spirit of humility and discernment.

Teach him patience and love. Guide and direct him in every aspect of his life. Anything or person that means him no good I ask that you remove from his life immediately. Give him good, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable Physicians.

Give us answers and guidance and not false hope. Send an overflow of peace. In Jesus name.

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