Prayer for my son.

Please Dear God, I am so afraid for my son. Please give him the willpower and strength he needs to get back on his recovery. Heal his heart where he is hurting and turning back to his addiction to relieve his pain. Give him the strength to reach out for counseling. Allow him to feel your presence and loving arms. My son is a good young man with two beautiful boys you have graciuosly blessed into his life. I know addiction is a disease an illness that takes over there mind. I place him in your arms with faith that you will pull him through. Give me the strength and knowledge to help him. In the name of Lord Jesus I pray. I ask for others to pray with me for my son as nothing is morepowerful when prayet comes from a group. I also stand in prayer for all the other children and adults that are being affected by this horrible addiction. Amen. For my son

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