Prayer for my son

by Jodi (Florida)

Oh Father in Heaven I come and ask that you bring my son from his current situation. You know what it is and you know how bad it is. Dear Lord I am a mother who feels helpless and blame for his actions. I wish I could go back and be a better mother and faithful servent…God it seems so bad that I know only a miracle will bring my son out of this terrible situation and clsoer to you. I did not do my best and I know I am responsable in some way for that fault as a parent. Please come into his heart and into this broken situation and heal, repair and fix all the areas in need of your hand. I know that you are the only way…I know that it can only come thru you that there can be GRACE and Mercy on this situation….Father please in the name of Jesus grant a miracle for my son and bless him and my troubled heart as his mother. Forgive my selfishness and bring your everlasting love into my son and GRACE him with your loving eternal presents dear Lord…Amen

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