Prayer for my son

by CL (Houston, Texas)

Lord Jesus, I humbly ask of you to return my son and daughter to me at full custody. My son recently turned 12 and decided to live with my ex husband who has no rules and is a “more fun” parent. I am leading a life where I am trying to guide my son to You Lord and my ex is all about having fun. Of course, what 12 year old boy would not want to be with the more fun parent. My ex has taken me to court and a judge ruled since my son is of age to decide, he granted my ex full custody of my son. My son is now failing the 6th grade because his grades have fallen so bad. Help me Lord understand how a judge can make such a ruling. I know You are in charge and You will make judges look like fools. I do have custody of my daughter. Also because my ex and I now have one child each, the judge has ruled for all child support payments to stop. Lord, my ex makes 3xs more than I do, but Lord I trust in You will provide the means for my daughter and I to make it.

However Lord, I want my son to return to me and my daughter so we may live together as a family to serve you Lord. Please, I trust in You, I love You, and I will accept Your will be done. We have court again in January, Please Lord, return my family to me.

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