Prayer for my son

by Brenmarie (Lake Charles, LA, US)

Dear Lord….Please help my son to overcome his need to smoke marijuana. He thinks that he is hurting no one by doing it, but each time, it keeps him from getting a good job and it is very hurtful to the ones who are trying to help him. He is lost and hurting and won’t talk to me or his dad but rather gets with his ‘friends’ and makes the wrong choices. Father, I ask you to open his eyes and let him see that his choices affect everyone around him. He needs to work. He has two little girls, both living with their moms, who need a good father and provider. Please Lord…help my son. Show him your ways and help him to choose you. He is now being considered for a job and I pray that he can get it and get his life together. All things are possible with you Lord. I beg for your mercy for my son. Please Lord…help my son, Nick. …brenmarie

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