Prayer for My Son Who Needs Employment Immediately

I pray, O Mighty God, that my son will find full-time employment very soon so that he can pay his debts and make a life for himself and his two children. He has struggled for the last two years to stay in a country far away from home so that he can be near his children and is carrying so much stress that he is bending under with weight of it all.

He loves his children and they love him. It will break his heart and theirs if he has to leave them and come home. So please, God, hear my prayer and intervene so that he will be awarded a job and be able to stay with his darling children. Even though his wife has moved on and now has a baby with a different man, I pray that she will find it in her heart to lose her nastiness towards him and will help to make life easier for all of them.

I pray Heavenly Father that you will hear my prayer and will bring peace to my son’s heart and life by putting him on the path to find a good job. Thank you Jesus for the mercies you have shown us in the past. I feel so insignificant when coming before your throne, but I pray Jesus that you will hear my desperate cries for help for my son. In your name I pray. Amen

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