Prayer for My Son Who Lost His Way

by Rosie (El Paso)

Lord I ask that you heal my son inside and out. He was a victim of a brutal beating and all he can think of is revenge. I ask that you fill his heart with your love and forgiveness that his wounds heal and that his heart forgives. Please lord my son is in great need of you in his life, I know you’re in his heart so I ask you to please show him the right path please guide him and protect him in all he does.

My son had been doing so good these last months, he’s joined the U.S Navy and had been preparing to start his new life. He is so angry that he’s mentioned how if he doesn’t get to leave due to his injuries he will seek revenge. Please lord heal my son so that he may leave and start a new life elsewhere.

Grant him peace and forgiveness for all his sins and protect him against all evil.

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