Prayer for my son who is in jail

by Ginger (Glendale, AZ)

Dear Lord, I pray that you will be there with my son as he faces many more days in jail (he has been there since Sunday). I pray that you give him strength to get through these additional days. Please let there be a positive outcome of his hearing on Dec. 3 and that he will be released with probation and fines, not more jail time or prison time.

He has a good heart. He has struggled for many years and I don’t want his spirit to be broken. Please help him to be strong. His posted bond is more than his father and I can afford to pay so he must stay. Be there with him tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day as he cannot be with his father and I. Be by his side and help him to deal with his life in a better way. Thank you Lord, I trust you Jesus. Amen