Prayer for my son who has been in prison for two years

by Sylvia (Elsmere, Ky)

I pray to you, st jude, saint of lost causes. I have a son who has been in prison for two years- in and out of jail. When he finally got out of prison we took him back in our lives again- in ways that you could ever possibly believe- we thought he earned his trust back- he and his stepfather even grew a bond together- it was unreal because i knew you heard our prayers, But, out of nowhere, he stole my husbands tools and behold my husbands and my wedding rings.

We knew it was him because our house door was not broke open and that was the only thing that was taken out of the house other that the tools that was out in the garage- but since this was done we have not heard nothing from him- so that is a sign that he must of done it- All we ask is that he calls and confesses his sins and tells us why he would have done such a thing to us. But all I can do is leave this in your hands St. Jude. I have exhausted all my things to do as I truly love my son and I dont want anything to happen to him and want to keep him safe from harm. I ask this in your most holy name. Amen!

p.s. i also want you to help all parents who has children who is lost and going down the wrong path, also the children needs help too!

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