Prayer for my son to win his legal battle

Dear Lord, please help my son. Please let this legal thing be over with, and keep him with his son’s. Help him to find a job that will allow him to be the provider he wants to be for his family without asking for help from his parents, as this makes him feel less of a man.

Help him find a good Christian woman, so they can have a good Christian, family life, and their children can be good Christians. Dear Lord the past 15 years has been so hard for him, he has tried, and been knocked back down.

He needs you. I need you, I cannot bear this pain of seeing him live in fear, and wanting so bad, to continue to care for his son’s. He is a good man as you know. You know all of this. Please Dear Lord, help.

His children need him, I need him, his Father needs him, and his sister needs him. Thank you Dear Lord.