Prayer for my son to have light in his heart and his life

by Diane (Australia)

Dear God, please hear my prayer for my son J. Please heal his broken mind and his broken soul. Please God send light into his darkness and unlock his heart so he can trust that the people you are sending into his life will help heal his mind.

Dear God please take away his need for anger and violence please replace it with grace and love. Dear God hear my prayers I trust that you are helping and will continue to help J and me as we look for healing. Thankyou D

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  1. To have light in his heart and his life

    I submtted a prayer request for my son, Ive searched everywhere and my prayer is no where to be found. How sad. But then i come across many parents who are praying for their children, I am not alone in suffering,

    Sweet Jesus, Father God, i pray to you oh Lord for J. This young man needs to find peace, love and light. You Lord are the Light of the world, the love and peace lord you give to your children. Help J seek your face Lord, help him to realise there is nothing he can do, without you, that he needs you in every step, every day and every moment. Please cloud his mind with your light, love and peace, shine in his heart Lord for him to feel your love surrounding him. Lord you are amazing, please have mercy on him, help him with the anger issues, calm him and please remove all the negativity he feels when this happens. Lord cover him with your blood, and when he rises in anger Lord please stand beside him, let him feel your amazing peace, presence and love around him. Help him realise what harm he is causing to his family, help his mother too, who must find it extremely hard to talk to him. Lord bring this family together, unite them and call them to your church Lord. For once were in Church Lord, the whole congretation will show this young man so much love that he will transform to a more respectable young man walking in light of your love. Please have mercy on them Lord. Your grace is amazing. I ask this the name of Jesus. Amen.

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