Prayer for my son to be released from juvenile

by Jackyn (AZ)

My stepson has been bullied his whole life, which he has been carrying with him for years. He got cornered from 8 kids and he felt he had to do something for protection so he cut two of them with a knife. He got probation and recently violated his probation.

He has court tomorrow to determine if he stays in juvenile or gets released. His probation officer is pushing him to stay 60 days. He is suicidal and I can see it in him he is very sorry for everything. He can’t sleep at night and I’m afraid he might hurt himself or even try to take his own life. Around family he’s okay but by himself he thinks too much. Please pray that his probation officer will have a change of heart and ask the judge release him to us.

He has turned to God which I’m very grateful for , but I ask that he come home with us tomorrow and I will continue to pray for him for and his well being. Please pray with us and for us in Jesus name.