Prayer for my son to Be Brave

by Carol (Kingwood, TX USA)

Dear Lord,

Please guide my son to do your work. Please help him hear your word as you tell him what you want him to do with his life. As a new college graduate, a young man, he is agonizing over how he should make a living, what he should do with his life. Please urge employers to meet him, for them to see the gifts that he has to offer.

Please help my son be brave and courageous. To submit his writing, to stop the thoughts of personal judgement.

Lord, please help me let go of the need to help him as it is frustrating him even more. Please help me realize, send me a sign please Lord, that you are taking care of it.

Thank you for all you have given us already. I gratefully turn this over to you.

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  1. Prayer for my son

    Lord, thank you for all that you have graciously given to me and my family. We have been blessed. Please wrap your arms around my son and the sons of others as they struggle to find a satisfying career. My heart breaks for the disappointments and struggles that he has encountered. Give him the strength to accept your will and to meet life head on with courage and perseverance.

  2. Giving it to God

    Your son will be in my prayers, I know as a mother what you’re going through as I am experiencing the same. As a mom is so hard to let go as we constantly want to be the helper and fix everything. Provide your son with confidence and encouragement and pray to God and tell Him that you trust in Him to hear your prayers and to have His hand on your son – just give it to God , the One who knows what you’re going through, He says “knock on the door and it will be opened”- Continue your prayers and hopefully the door to job opportunity will be opened for your son. In Jesus name I pray amen !

  3. I will pray for your son

    I will pray for your son. My son is going through the exact same experience, and I, too, am frustrating him with endless suggestions. Let’s pray for both our sons that they find the inner strength to begin their new lives with confidence and trust.

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