Prayer for my son, that he may find a true and secure career path

by Mom (Bloomington Il USA)


As a mother I thank you each and everyday for every gift you provide me especially the children you have placed in my charge.

I pray everyday searching for faith that my son will find a true and secure career path. This day he is so troubled and discouraged. Please send the Holy Spirit upon him and speak deeply into his heart.

Let him come to know you and your unfailing love…let him recognize that he must turn his worries and fears over to you and let you assist him.
Lord I pray that he makes a good decision about Montgomery that he recognizes that the easy path is not necessarily the true path. And that while he may have to move and work very hard you will provide him with happiness and just rewards.
In your name I pray and I faithfully turn over my worries, my anxiety and fears to you.

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