Prayer for My Son, support throughout this hardship

by Jody (WA)

I had my son Dec 3 and he is 3 months early’ he isn’t doing very well and he is in ICU he might need surgery for a heart murmur’ he has jaundice, needs help breathing, he is really small at the weight of 2 pounds 15 oz.

I live in Anacortes, We with his daddy and we are all the way in Everett now ‘ my fiance is working up there but we are going to be losing our place and if he don’t work we will loss our car and everything else we own.
His job will not let him have time off to be here and refuses to give him any support throughout this hardship.

Staying strong and remembering God is with us is all I can seem to try to do so I don’t break down’ staying strong is really hard when you see the life you had in your tummy for months so helpless and fragile.

My fiance had to leave last night cuz he wasn’t feeling well so I am here and I have so much thoughts going through my mind. I feel so lost and scared’ worried and so beyond not knowing what to do.
I need prayers I need them for Conor he is so precious and needs all the prayers he can get’ I need strength and good health to stay strong and able to be here for him.

I need prayers for my fiance so can get better and be able to come here without feeling he is letting me down cause he isn’t here.

Thanks for listening just so lost and don’t know what to do.

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