Prayer for my son not to go to prison

by Maxine (Las Cruces, NM,US)

My dearest St Jude I am in need of your help. My son is incarcerated for making some bad choices, he met the wrong person and in a matter of months his whole life took a turn for the worst. This person is accusing him of things that aren’t even true. Please don’t let him get sent to prison, this is his first time being in this kind of trouble. Please forgive him and please don’t let the courts judge him by how he looks on the outside they don’t know him as a person they just know him by what he is being accused of. Please hear my prayers and please bless us with hope and strength to get through this and please bring our son home to his family. Thank you my dearest St Jude I love you, I believe in you, I have faith in you and I trust in you with all my heart. Amen~+~

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