Prayer for My son jake

by Clare (U.K.)

Dear lord please help my son Jake find the strength in himself to over come his fear of the new. He left school last summer and was due to start horticultural college in September . He made up any excuses to avoid it . It was too far away , the other students were weird , it’s not what he wanted to do . Even though it’s all he’s ever wanted to do since he was 12-13 . He then found an apprenticeship which he got and then refused to go ‘ it was too far away’

He found another but didn’t go to the interview and told the guy his mother was ill . He is working in a dead end job ( he’s not lazy ) . He needs to go to college . He opened up to me and told me he was scared to meet new people .
Please give him new hope Lord and give him enthusiasm and courage . ( he is extremely bright but very dyslexic)
You know all this already Lord . Dear dear Lord please enable him to make a wonderful life for himself . Thank you Lord for your love and guidance x

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