Prayer for My Son Heeding for the Lord’s Help

by Ors (Nj)

Please pray for my son he has been in a relationship for 17 years. They have an 11 year old son. They never got married but have been living together since their son was born. They both have jobs with long hours and my son works nights. They both drink too much and fight all the time.

My son left a few times because he caught her cheating on him. They got back together and my son tried to make it work a few months ago they had a terrible fight and she kicked him out. I had to lend me my car because she will not let him have one of the cars. He sleeps on someone’s couch closer to his job and only sees his son 2 days a week.

He wants to go back home to her and his son and suggested they seek consuling but she says no. Their son is devistated because he knows something is wrong but they have not told him. My son says he can’t bring himself to tell him. Everything is falling apart.

My son is depressed and I know he is Drinking more now than ever. Please pray he finds his way to have the relationship he used to have with his son! I have my grandson all the time because his mother goes out with her work friends all the time. I’m so worried for the 3 of them especially my son and grandson. God.

I ‘m putting this in your hands. Help him find the life he should have and deserves to have. Please God I pray in Jesus name!!

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Ors

    My prayers are with you and your family

    Please go to church each Sunday have your son

    Take his son to church each week

    Jesus needs both of you

    Jesus hears you

    Try to go Have him go or go together

    Please you will see the Lord at work

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