prayer for my son he cried and told me he was depressed.

by Natalie Lopez (Colorado, Denver)

Dear God, thank for my everyday I awake to serve you. I pray with a full heart to hear this prayer for my son. I pray to simple ask you to hold his heart from sadness. Let him rejoice in your glory. Let him know by faith we will find peace and joy always comes in the morning. I pray to give him the grace of your heart for you love endures forever. I TRUST YOU IN this healing for my son Christopher E. Fierro. By your strips I trust you in this prayer of my son and my heart and soul. Let him seek your love and the word. I love you God as you know my heart. Forgive my sins help me stay rooted I cannot be without you you are the keeper of my faith. I pray this to you God for my son and my family and I. Bless his and our hearts today and everyday for happiness faith trust hope and love. Amen

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