Prayer for my son being sentenes to prison they want to send him away for10- ??yrs

by Dolores (Tucson Ariz)

Lord God i have put my son in your hands help him be strong and give him strenght while he is in there he is getting acused for things he didnt do Lord god help him go through these Hard Times of his life he is devoted to you my LORD move their hearts so he wont spend so meny yrs From10yrs and Up my lord i ask of you dnt let them take your child away.

From you in such a awful way my lord keep him safe Lord god i know he trust in you and he has put himself in your hands my lord god god only you know what the right thing for him give us strenght Lord while we all go through this awful time all the fam is depressed my help us dear father god your the only One that could turn things around for the best in GODS most blessed name heal us AMEN

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