prayer for my son and my husband to be healthy wealthy and strong

dear lord i come to u to pray for my husband whos diabetics should be healed in the name of jesus christ,i am in the stage of depression there is only u where i can ask u what ever i am in need please heal my husband from his sickness we are only a middle class family with love among our three there is only support to ourself and if anything happens in our family we are broken withso much of disappointment ,there is only your blessing in us that we live a happy life and now my husband is been effected with diabetics and now our minds ,soul body everything is broken please god in the name of lord jesus i pray for u to heal my husbands diabetics and my sons sickness from them do not give them a last breath a i should die before them my husband my son should be healthy wealthy ,strong loving ,caring understanding and also rich in thier life they should not suffer with any of the problems or sickness be with them in the form of blessings, i feel like dieing or commit sucide,please god heal my husband and son so that we three live a happy life as we were living before with your holy blessing