Prayer for my son and me

by Marilyn (Waipahu, Hawaii Usa)

Please pray for my son and I that we will have a good relationship. My son has been disrespectful to me and I want that to stop.

Please cast away his anger and violent temper. He’s always back talking to me. He tells me that I am the worst mother in the world and he swears at me. Please cast away the evil and ungodly things away from his mouth. He’s always swearing.

He listen to songs with bad words in it. Even his alarm ring tone got bad words in it. We watches violent stuffs. He’s always fighting with his girlfriend and always swearing.

Please help me pray that he would change his attitude. Please pray for him and for me that we can talk in civilized, that he’ll listen to me with out turning into an arguement. I feel ashame of his action. He goes to church, but I feel that he’s not learning anything from his youth group. He is the president of his church youth group.

He post bad stuffs in his FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. He gave up sports, music and summer schools to be in church activities. He said it was God’s calling, so I let him because I thought this would help him know more about God. I don’t understand that why, does he act like he acts. He’s disrespectful and he is failing in class. He blames me about everything especially the our divorce 2 years ago.

He tells me I’m responsible for the way he is and I makes me feel the worst person in the world. Please pray for me to take away the pain and hurt that I feel.
Thank you for for helping me pray!