Prayer for my son and friend Sandro

by Ga (Johannesburg)

Father God I come to u requesting your mercy.

In Jesus name , I request that you fulfill , andre and sandro with a great position of work , allow them to earn well to support their loved ones, father God , I feel lost , I have so many requests, I need you to fill me with faith and the Holy Ghost , I feel sad for Nick and all that troubles him as it’s has and is affecting my life … In many ways, Father God I don’t want to hurt anyone . I want to be successfull and happy, I want strength to cope in my work. I want all my family and friends to be happy and successful . I want to be able to assist anyone with prayers, father God help me to sleep peacefully and fill me and my kids my dearest of friends with your glory , bless us father in Jesus name , I thank you father . Father God help me with your blessings in helping Roslyn in her career and her weight , mine to . Help Andre to find himself a refrain from any evil habits. Father God forgive me for asking so much, I love you and need these blessings of mercy . Amen