Prayer for my sister’s untreatable cancer

by Matthew ()

I ask prayers for my sister, Bonnie, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer, that the doctors say is untreatable. She’s only her forties and has children and grandchildren and even her lifelong career is in caring for children.

She never asked for much from this world and she certainly never got much, but she doesn’t deserve to be taken from this world so early.

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  1. juicing fast for healing

    Hi. I pray for your sisters healing. Fasting has always been a way in the Bible for situations to be removed or healing in the body to take place. Look up fasting Scriptures. Daniel 1:1-21. Is awesome. I know through the power of God’s word your sister can and will be healed.

  2. The ultimate

    God I ask for healing and a hedron of protection over her mind body and soul. God I call out your son’s name name three times Jesus Hosanna, Jehova!!!because just his name alone has ultimate Power and Authority over the enemy who casts shadows on our loved ones and our families, In our lives to seek and destroy us with affliction disease worry frustration and aggravation!!! I put the blood of Jesus over all that takes, disturbs,disrupts and wants to destroy!!!
    God Bless!!Psalm:23

  3. prayer for a good personal

    I am not a religious person but I pray for your sister for her life and time here and may it be as comfortable as possible.

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