Prayer for my sister-in-law who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer

by Katherine (South Porcupine, ON Canada)

Heavenly Father, I truly thank you for all my blessings. I praise your Holy name and I believe in your divine guidance. I come to you in prayer for my wonderful sister-in-law who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and lung cancer.

I pray Father that you take her in your arms and guide her through the process she has to go through to try and rid her body of this dreadful disease. I pray Father that you help her to go into remission so that she can live her life fully on this earth.

Father, she has been there for everyone. She deserves to have some freedom and enjoyment in this life. I ask Father that you spare her to allow this for her. Please Heavenly Father bless her and keep her in your arms. I pray in Jesus Holy name. Amen

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