Prayer for my Sister to survive and recover from Stroke

by Christine S (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Lord, my sister, Susan Fulton (49), who is your obedient and loving servant has collapsed and is now in hospital in an induced coma with a breathing pipe.

It appears she may have had a stroke and was unable to talk or move. Please help her to have a full and speedy recovery. I know she would have all her faith in You.

Help her new husband who was found for her by You and her 5 children to trust in you and soothe the pain of not knowing what is happening. I ask for a miracle that she awakes fully recovered. In Jesus names sake.


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  1. for healing

    dear, susan, you are not alone, god is with you, no matter, what your facing, or going through, od loves you, and will, never .leave you, or forsake you! and susan, hehas good plans for you, and in roman 8-28, it says he is working all things out for your,good! , trust him , he will not fail you!he knows and sees you! many , are praying, foryou to be healed, and a speedy recovery god bless in his love zell black! i too am recoverying from a stroke and trusting him we have the victory in christ, jesus! keep strong and never give -up!!!! blessings, zell black in ca.

  2. Prayer for my Sister's husband recovery from a Stroke

    I received a call on yesterday requesting prayer due to the above incident. In spite of the physicians report, In spite of all the I.V’s , tubes, meds, & many other consistent tests administered I’m believing “God” for a Supernatural Miracle. From a love one’s observation, upon entry into the “Intensive Care Unit”, seeing him in this condition inflicts traumatic stress. I thank my Lord & Savior who controls every aspect of our lives. There is no one above Him. In Hebrew 11:1, Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I’m praying for so many others in his condition and worse. Through the eyes of FAITH, he will make a “SPEEDY RECOVERY”. This will be his “testimony”. The Lord is not short on His Promises!!! For all the anointed “Prayer Warriors”, around the world may you continue be lead by the Holy spirit.. He is covered under the “Power of the Blood”. The enemy cannot cross the blood line. Thank you for your prayers in Jesus Name. Ms J.

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