Prayer For My Sister To Sell Her Home

by Lisa (King George, VA, USA)

Dear Saint Joseph and Heavenly Father,

My sister is a sweet and giving soul, one who puts other’s needs ahead of her own and who is a faithful servant. Almost two years ago, she started looking for a better home for not only herself but also my parents who live with her.

The home she was seeking was a rambler that was close to the hospital as my parents are both ill and one of them, our father, is currently going through Cancer treatments. She ended up finding the perfect home in a wonderful neighborhood with the best neighbors.

They have all been so helpful and attentive by offering their services and watching out for all three of them. They plowed the snow from their driveway all winter without expecting anything in return so they could get out in case there was an emergency with my father and routinely check in to see how he and my mom are doing. It was like they were guided to the perfect place for my parents to live out the rest of their lives. The only problem is that in the process they were left with the burden of selling their old house.

The house is large and perfect for an extended family but is a bit out of the center of town. Please help her sell her house as she has been carrying the financial burden of two mortgages for almost 2 years now. She has been truly amazing and has not complained but I can tell she is worried as she has continued to drop the price.

Please help her relive this burden as quickly as possible – bring her a good buyer and a smooth transaction.

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