Prayer for my sister Christina s marriage

by Issac (India)

Dear sir/madam,

With all pain and tears I send this mail to you. I have a sister Christina, who is 27 years old and is getting rejected by all for marriage proposals. Two years ago, we registered in Jesus Calls matrimony too.. But it was of no use. We are prying sincerely for more than 5 years. But nothing is coming in favour. Even on Christian matrimony nearly 900 matches have rejected us..
God created her with fingers stuck to each other. Why is God making our an tired family go in such a pain and anguish day by day. My father is being asked by all why have you not got ur children married yet. Everyday we cry in tears in our home and pray.
I have personally gone to Jesus calls prayer tower along with my sister more than 25 times to pray. But totally I’m vain. Everyday the pain and tears increase. Please see her hands too.
Please pray for us. That we will be strong in the Lord. We have lost hope. I am attaching pictures and bio data for your reference.