Prayer for my sister and our family

by Daniela (Perrine, FL, USA)

Oh, St. Jude, great apostle and relative to Our Lord Jesus! Devotees of this Great Saint, please hear me and consider including me in your prayers!

I am so frightened for my sister, who is on the verge of a second nervous collapse because of her stressful job, and of the financial ruin we all face right now. We need a miracle.

My mother, my father, and I are at our wit’s end. Please, everyone pray for us; please invoke St. Jude and protect my sister’s fragile mental state, and find a solution that can help us all. We are close to total ruin and cannot see an earthly way out of it. We need Divine Intercession!

Please, St. Jude, Great Saint, see fit to send us your Blessed Help!