Prayer for my sick son Oratile


Heavenly Father,

Please forgive us our wrongs and we thank you for all the blessings. My GOD here I am asking again and beseeching You to hear my call and prayer. My son Oratile is sick and in great pain and it is only You GOD Who knows why this is happening to us and Who gave us this heavy cross to carry. The best doctors on this earth have given in and are preparing us for the worst. Please Father, touch our son’s heart and make it whole again we beg You but if that’s Your will.

Give us faith to be worthy of understating your ways. Please Father send Your angel Michael to fight for us the evil spirits that over power us and bring death. GOD my LORD, please hear my prayer as we need you. I ask these in Jesus name Amen. Mary mother of GOD and all the saints, pray for us.

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