Prayer for my sick mother who has lung cancer

by Ivy (New York)

Please pray for my mother who has lung cancer. She’s had surgery and chemotherapy. She was doing well, until today she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors say she might have had a mini stroke. My mother is the strongest person I know, I am very far away and I could not care for her. My sister is taking care of her right now. Pls pray for our family also, that we may continue to have a secure homelife so we could continue on caring for our mother.

Dear Lord, thank you for carrying my mother through all the challenges she has been through. Thank you for helping her overcome her surgery and chemotherapy. Today she needs you again, Dear Lord. Pls give my mother strength to endure her sickness. Pls heal and nourish her frail body. Pls protect her from any kind of harm.

In the Lord’s name we pray, Amen.