Prayer for My Sick Mother and Father

Dear Lord,

I place in your loving hands my two beautiful and loving parents. My Mom has the most loving heart and she has spread that loving heart throughout her whole family and everyone she knows. I pray that you would heal her illness and leave her on this earth to continue to provide her motherly love to every person that has had the opportunity to know her and to those who have not. Please heal my father, so he is strong enough to care for himself and be safe. My father has lived with his disease for many years and he has not let it destroy him, with the help of our heavenly Father.

These two people have demonstrated exactly what you want a married couple to be. They have been married for more than 50 years. They have been thru trials and with your loving grace they have spread their loving christian values to their children and grandchildren. I pray for thy will to be done. If it be your will to bring my mother home to you, Please bless us all with your healing power and help us to continue on this earth knowing she is with you watching over us all. I pray this in Jesus’ name.