Prayer for my sick mother.

by Peter ()

Oh Gracious Jesus, I Love You, I Adore You and Thou I Be a sinner and unworthy of your Favors, this is not a reason for you not Granting me my request because you are The Son of The Most High and merciful in Heart and known to Never refuse a Contrite Heart, So I pray you cast upon me a look of mercy and Grant me my request, Oh most merciful Jesus Please heal my Sick Mother Ireme, take away her pain and suffering, Heal her Physically Mentally and Spiritually, Cure her of her cancer, her asthma, her circulatory problems, Heal her weak body, build her back up again, grant her back her mind about her, take away her fears, her worries, her heartaches, her uncertainties, her depression and fill her with Your hope, Your Joy , Your Love and instill in her The Holy Spirit and lengthen The year’s of her life by many, make her whole again Dear Jesus as before, for I Know you can Grant me my request for all you have to do is will it and it shall be So and let this be a testimony of your Love for your Children and Most Gracious Jesus No Matter what your decision in regard to my request, I will Never Stop Adoring You, I will Never Stop Serving You, I will Never Stop Loving You, Praising You Nor Worshipping You and Thank You Most Precious Jesus for keeping Your Promises To Your Children and humble servants, for that grant’s me great pleasure and comfort for in you I trust Always and shall forever be your humble, obedient and loyal servant, Please Most Precious Jesus hear my pleas and grant me the request for which I humbly implore and the Gratitude of my Heart shall forever be yours No matter what the outcome, In Jesus Name I Pray
Glory be unto The Father Glory Be unto The Son Glory Be unto The Holy Spirit As it was in The Beginning is Now and Always Shall Be World without End, Amen. ✝️🙏🏻✝️.

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