Prayer for my Security Clearance to be Adjudicated

I started work for a company, last Monday June 6th. I am working from home at present because I am waiting for the government security office to finish processing my paperwork to transfer my clearance. My supervisor told me this morning that my clearance paperwork has been passed to the government and they are processing them now.

This is the same government agency that held up my transfer to my last company which caused me to be laid off. Please agree with me in prayer that my security clearance will be adjudicated this week and transferred to this company this week so they can sponsor me and put me in this position on Monday, June 20th. I was originally supposed to have been put in for a Visitor request so that I can work on the client site while waiting for my clearance to transfer but now they have decided to wait until the clearance transfers.

I am standing on Mark 11:24 and believing that God as already approved my clearance transfer. I believe that this mountain and all obstacles that have previously tried to stand in the way of my clearance adjudication approval have been removed from me and been thrown into the sea in the Name of Jesus. Please pray for a quick turn around with my clearance transfer. This has been a battle this year with staying employed and my clearance.

Also, my husband and I are going through an adoption process and I need this situation turned around so that I can stay employed as this is a requirement that both my husband and I have full time employment to qualify for this adoption process. We submitted all of our paperwork yesterday which was the deadline and God blessed me to get this position before yesterdays deadline or the adoption process would have been closed out.

I believe God gave me this position because it literally fell into my lap when I least suspected it. I was originally suppose to start with another company on June 6th but there was an issue with the start date because they hadnt transferred my paperwork and the position was only temporary. Right when I was at my breaking point God blessed me with a call from this company offering me a position.

I didnt even interview for this position or the contract and I believe Gods favor gave me this position and I am believing that Gods favor will transfer my clearance expeditiously with no more delays, or obstacles in this process

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  1. God is merciful and will hear your prayer

    I will pray for you. I am also waiting for my clearance to be approved. I hope you’re not worrying too much. I think God answers our prayers when we are truly in need. Good luck with the adoption and I’m sure your clearance will come through.

  2. prayer for your security clearance

    Thanks for your prayer for my clearance I am still waiting. the paperwork was submitted June 13th for the clearance transfer so I am still walking in faith and believing that this is done regardless of what I see. I also pray that your clearance will be approved asap. This has been a tough year but I know that the victory is mine and I believe that the victory is your. I have been standing on Mark 11-22-24 when you get a chance meditate on this scripture

  3. Prayer to you

    I am in a same situation as you. I just prayed for you and I am sure you will ge the job. Pray for me as well. Thanks.

  4. Pray for me too

    I am in the same situation waiting for my government security clearance to come through. I will pray for you; please pray that I receive my clearance in the next couple weeks, so that i will be able to start my job and not have my offer revoked.

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