Prayer for my Sanity, Jesus Christ

by John G (Denver, Co)

Dear God, I have had a death of a very beloved dog, Joey, that got very sick.

I am 66 years old and that was my beloved pet. I now cry all the time and in general don’t want to go on living. I have always loved God and Jesus very much since childhood. I prayed for my Joey when she was so sick. She was only four and half year old. She was diabetic as I am. I don’t understand why God or Jesus didn’t help her. I prayed so hard. How I really need prayers to help me move on. Even

though I will NEVER forget her. I also pray that I can go to Heaven to be and see her again. This I pray in the Name of Christ Jesus. My head and my mind are all messed up I am so depressed. Thanks for your Prayers. I always pray for other in need and now that I found this site I will for for these people. John G

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