Prayer for My Relationships to Be Healed

Dear St. Jude,

Please help me to heal in all areas of my life. Please heal my mind, body, and soul. Please heal my relationships, help me to forgive those who’ve hurt me in the past and help those I’ve hurt to forgive me. Please bring new love into my life and fill up the loneliness I sometimes feel.

Please help me to reunite with a good friend I lost, help there to be love and peace between us again and help us to have a healthy relationship. I also pray that I am able to fulfill God’s calling for me and that I achieve independence and a lifestyle based on love, peace, and justice.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us, Saint Jude worker of Miracles, pray for us, Saint Jude helper and keeper of the hopeless, pray for us,

Thank you Saint Jude! Amen.

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