Prayer for My Relationship

by S (Trinidad W.I)

Dear God,

I prayer that you will help my relationship with R and myself. I prayer that he would stop lusting on other woman and that he would change his life and be ready to settle down and get married. He is 63 years old and I am in my 40″s and we were

We are in this relationship for four (4) years now and he is now showing signs of settling down but only going behind other women. Heavenly Father, I believe in miracles and I believe you can change him so he can see the good in me and be ready to settled own and be ready to marry me. I am fed.up of trying different relationships and never being able to get married.please break what ever generational curse that might be keeping me back from being happily married and that spirit of lust RC. has that is keeping him back from settling down and marrying me.

Thank youGod