Prayer for My Relationship…

by Johnnette (Colfax, Louisiana, USA)

Dear Lord, please hear my prayers. Please grant the desires of my heart. Lord, please heal the relationship between Allen and I. Remove temptations, fill our hearts with love, and show us forgiveness to each other. Lord, please move his heart to know how much I believe in him, feel for him, and want him as part of our family.

I believe in my heart, you created this man for me to love and care for. You placed me in his son’s life to guide, care, and love him. Lord, lift my hurt from my heart and grant me the privilege to care for, love, and share in the life of this man you created just for me, and me for him.

Lord, I know it seems like I ask over and over, but if we ask we receive. I’m asking and begging as a humbled and broken servant to receive the gift of your favor for my life. In your blessed name, I pray, amen.

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