Prayer for my relationship

by Steph (Europe)

Dear Lord,

You know lately my relationship has hit a bit of a rocky path. It’s partly my fault and i acknowledge that. I could be a bit more understanding and caring towards my partner. Yet lately i find this hard to do. You know Lord that i love this man very much. You also know Lord about what recently happend between us and that this shook my trust in him.

Lord please enter my partner’s heart and fill it with love not only for me but also for You. I pray that he may find his way back to You Lord.I also pray that our relationship may grow and that we may overcome all obstacles on our path. Let fear, jealousy, anger, bitterness, spite and holding on to the past be gone. Father please exclude this out of our life.

Lord i have faith in You. For it was You Lord who brought this man back in my life, when i least expected it. You brought me the love of my life back and gave us a chance.

You Lord made all of this possible. I believe with all of my heart that You have the power to come in to guide us. Guide us please Lord towards a nice future together. A future that includes happiness, children, laughter, warmth, faith, family and a lot of love.

With this i conclude my prayer, Amen.

Thank You for hearing me out Lord.
Thank You for being there everyday and guiding me.
Thank You for the blessings you have given me so far.
And thank You for always standing beside me and holding my hand.
God is great people, thank and praise Him and His glory always!

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