prayer for my relationship

by Racquel (Pos)

lord father help me , give me wisdom , understanding , love , unity , peace , health , strength,faith . lord father help to be a better person , help me to be a good mother to my son and god son . lord help to get a home from the government , let number be choose soon . lord i’m 32 and i’m getting older , i have a good boyfriend , who wish we could have a baby together . lord i had surgery for my tubes they both was block up , and i did surgery to unblock it , and it’s going be 1 years since i unblock it . i’m asking you please to help conceive a baby . bless my womb . if is any sins what causing me not to have a baby please reverse it and forgive me please . lord thank you for life and everything you have give me , and most of all thank for life . lord forgive me sins. thank for my friend and family